FAQ about v-shesh

1. What is v-shesh and what is the kind of work that v-shesh do

v-shesh is an impact enterprise that prepares students and job seekers for suitable opportunities.

v-shesh works with students and job seekers that are either:

  1. Disabled or
  2. Living in non-metros or
  3. From difficult socio-economic backgrounds

For students – v-shesh runs classes where they can clarify doubts in subjects like English and maths and taking exercises to assess their understanding.

For job seekers – v-shesh runs training programmes that help them prepare for suitable entry level jobs.

For employers – v-shesh assists employers in hiring suitable entry level talent whether disabled or others.


2. What is relevance of the name v-shesh

Our work is about improving access to opportunities for those that were being left behind or ‘shesh’ as one would say in most Indian languages. ‘v-shesh’ is a commonly used expression in most Indian languages/ dialects and fits in well with our ambition is to work across India.


3. What is v-shesh’s history and areas of work

v-shesh set up its first training centre in Varanasi in end-July 2009 and started employment related training programmes in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and of-course Chennai where we are head quartered.

v-shesh’s trainees are placed with top tier financial institutions, processing companies, hospitality firms and microfinance organizations. Some employers where v-shesh trainees are employed are Accenture, ANZ, Axis Bank, Bank of America group, Barclays group, Cashpor, Cognizant Technologies, Cafe Coffee Day, Destimoney, Flextronics, Firstsource, iYogi, ITC Hotels, Janalakshmi, Mphasis, Pizza Hut, Royal Orchid, Royal Bank of Scotland group, Svenska Hotels, Titan Industries, Vindhya e-info, Wipro among others.


4. Who are the people behind v-shesh

v-shesh’s founders and team come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds.

Our team members are alumni of organizations such as JICA, IDBI Group, ABN AMRO Bank, Tata Consultancy Services, NIIT Limited, American Express, ICICI Group and respected non-profits such as Pratham and Red Cross among others.

v-shesh is supported by First Light Ventures which is part of Gray Ghost Ventures family of initiatives that support companies creating social impact.


5. How is v-shesh an impact enterprise

v-shesh has been setup with the purpose of delivering measureable social impact. At an operating level – v-shesh’s work is governed by the social objective of improving access to opportunity for those that are disadvantaged due to disability, geography or socio-economic profile. v-shesh is a company and not an NGO and does not seek any charitable funds. It uses an enterprise approach in combining effectiveness with efficiency to develop & deliver services to un-served consumers.


6. Do job seekers have to pay any fee for placement services?

No. v-shesh does not charge any fee from job seekers for placement. Fee is only payable for training that is provided by v-shesh.


7. Why does v-shesh charge a training fee 

We offer important learning and educational services to students and job seekers looking for opportunities and we treat our trainees with respect accorded to a customer rather than as those living on charity. Our fee structure is aligned with the opportunities that our students and trainees access post our training. As the purpose of our efforts is to be aligned with opportunities for our trainees, some part of the fee is aligned with the job seeker sighting a job offer.


8. What are the fee to be paid 

We run a range or programmes and our counsellors will be able to provide you with details of fee for specific programmes.


9. How many job seekers has v-shesh worked with

In last 4 years+ v-shesh had made 750+ job connections for Persons with Disabilities (PwD).


10. Which cities/ states/ areas does v-shesh work in

We are present in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and our headquarters is in Chennai.