For Employers

v-shesh assists organisations in becoming inclusive employers as well as in hiring entry level staff in non-metro locations.


Employers interested in inclusive hiring often find it difficult to find a partner to assist them with getting their inclusive efforts off the ground in a coherent and business-like manner. v-shesh has extensive experience of working with services businesses and assisting them with sensitisation around disability at workplace, identifying and hiring talent on basis of skill levels and post employment support. This is done by a range of activities right from workplace surveys to sensitisation workshops to designing  job descriptions that are truly inclusive and deliver range at a systemic level within organisations.


v-shesh also works with employers of freshers from non-metros and who face subdued return effort and cost of hiring due to high levels of attrition. v-shesh’s train and hire programme is one example of aligning employer needs and job seekers aspirations. This programme prepares first time job seekers for pre-identified positions and is works on the basis both employers and job seekers demonstrating commitment to the employment.