Job seekers need ready answers to 3 key questions - Who is hiring? What skills do I need to get a job? Where can I get those skills? v-shesh provides answers to these questions by providing counselling and training aligned with employers requirements. v-shesh also facilitates interviews to wide range of jobs through its network of well regarded employers. To learn more, click on the image.

v-shesh provides employment services for hiring Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and entry level staff in non-metros. v-shesh assists in building inclusive workplaces thru entity level efforts like sensitisation programmes, workplace surveys, inclusive job descriptions etc v-shesh also runs customised training and hiring programmes that improve return on cost of hiring in non-metros. To learn more, click on the image.

v-shesh works with students who are disadvantaged due to their disability, being residents of non-metros or socio-economic status. Students from these groups that have not been able to complete their secondary or graduation degree get disqualified from jobs that they can easily perform. v-shesh assists these students with learn and practice that helps them progress towards higher education. To learn more, click on the image.